Wednesday, February 14, 2007

13th February 2007

13th february 2007 - celebrated my burfday together wif fren make the cake herself and its cover with strawberries coz she knew i love strawberries and the candles..was so touched wen i saw the sweet of yoke ling..thanx to all of u..and thanx for the present too..i love the necklace a lot and the nail polishes...i'll try out the red colour..

we went for dinner at a place name camp forest at kepong.its a vegetarian restaurant but the food was delicious!

and we had "low sang" a vegetarian low sang..its my first time and it taste nice..sweet and sour..
i quite like this restaurant and its not pricey too..but the most important was i get to celebrate together wif them..each of us went different ways about a year ago,so its great that we are stil able to hang out together once in a while like dat n co catch ups with each other...i miss the college life wif them..thank you all of u especiallt to yokeling n laikuan for baking the cake n putting so many strawberries on u all...
and now i cant wait to have dinner together wif my jimuis...

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