Tuesday, May 8, 2007

06.04.07 christie's farewell dinner

i know this post was way too late but now oni got time to update my blog.
it's christie's last day at ML so we celebrated for her at Kelana Seafood Centre..we had seafood steamboat buffet..
the steamboat was ok ok la..nothing to special..but we ordered crab as well n the crab was GOOD !!
here is to wish christie all the best in her new job and all of us are goin to mis u !!

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aN eViL DeViL said...

haha...hey gal.ur post is way more ADVANCE d la. June post.Mwahaha...belum sampai lagi u oredi celeb wif her.halau her off so fast ar?anyway wish her all da best in her new job as well to me n u when we found ours.hehe....