Monday, December 10, 2007

Codo, Midvalley

how was ur weekend ? i had a great one as mom n dad were at KL for the weekends..( although there are some sad things happening but its weekend so i cant be bothered watmore when mom n dad is here...)

mom n dad stayed at uncle's place and we went to midvalley in the evening as my lovely brother wanted to get a new pair of shoes..and me wan shopping therapy..but at the end, my bro bought wat he wanted and me end up with nothing..argh...

since no shopping therapy had been done so therapy..

Mom misses the food from Little Vietnam from her last visit to KL so i suggested we try Codo, located just right above of Little Vietnam. (if i m not wrong both restaurants are owned by the same company, just tat their menu is different)

Codo is located opposite Studio R at level 3.

p/s : i forgot to bring my camera along with me so pls bear with the pictures taken with my camera phone and the place was quite dim. Thank u !!

ice lemon tea - comes with the set that dad and bro ordered

diet delight - dragon fruit juice + lime ~ price at rm6.80

Ham Meat Roll ~ price at rm6.00

spicy beef noodle - served with generous amount of beef but too bad the light was too dim ~ price at rm14.00

set of chargrilled beef - too dim too :( ~ price at rm18 per set. and the set comes with a white rice as well.

imperial platter - comes with 4 different kind of vietnamese starters such as dragonfruit salad, lychees balls, vietnamese siu mai and ooppss, 1 more i forgot the name

1 more set of chargrilled lamb that dad ordered but i forget to snap pictures of it. hopefully all of u can bear with the dim n blur pictures.

mom and dad love this place and so do i n my brother. The food was great and the laughter we had made the food even better. U know, since dad is alwiz travelling thus dinner like this are very precious. i definitely will come bac n try out other food and REMEMBER to bring my camera as well.

Stay tune for our sunday brunch !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

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dad2 said...

u shud save up all your food reviews......could be of use for some food shows/review or magazines later on??? Food reviews are rather popular in Singapore. Might provide some extra income for u if its worth it.....