Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dragon-i , Cititel, Midvalley

sunday brunch was at Dragon-i. seriously i had only tried this place once when i was at Kota Kinabalu this year May. dad actually wanted to go for dimsum, i suggested SS2 but it was already 11am and i m not so sure if they stil serve dimsum at tat time so i suggested we try Dragon-i coz i wanted to eat "xiu long bao"

tit bits charged at RM2.oo ~ it is served to every table but bear in mind that this is not complimentary

xiu long bao ~ price at rm8.00

mom loves this.she said this taste better than the one she had in Shanghai. i was like erm ??? beta than the one in shanghai ? reli ? as for me, i find it ok. at least the skin wasnt too thick.

egg york bun ~ price at rm6.00

i forgot the exact name.will update later wen i refer back to my receipt. look at the fillings.very creamy but not to my liking. it tasted sweet and saltish at the same time...

meat dumpling ~ price at rm 12.00

this tasted good but too oily...its like chee cheong fun but with meat filling inside

crispy yam roll ~ price at rm6.00.....its sweet. noting much...

carrot pastry ~ price at rm8.00.

inside of this its filled with radish. mom finds it ok if u are to consume 1 but if more than that u feel a bit "jelak"...

beef "la mien" - u can opt for spicy and non-spicy.being the spicy lover of course i went for the spicy one but look at the oil...i actually scoup most of the oil out..i just cant bear it..but besides that they were generous with the actually wanted to order the beef "la mien" but since i ordered so dad orderd this pork ribs "la mien" and i find it good. big portions of pork ribs..good good !!my bro ordered this fried rice.comes with ham and cod fish..i love the cod fish..nice nice !!

Lastly i wanted to order tdessert but 4 of us were oredi full and no one wanted to share it with say we keep the dessert for next visit.

overall the food here is ok. will come back to try the dessert. The prices here are above average. Total damage to my parents pocket for the 4 of us are RM120.00 inclusive of 10% service charge and 5% government tax

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


ahCheo said...

I like the tit bits... the nut... it is also one of the reason i go dragon-i.... kekeke... sometimes really wanted to eat there during our lunch hour... but... hehehe

R3d 0r Gr3en @pPLe ??? said...

we can go but not all of us lo...haha

dad2 said...

for that atmosphere and a well filled tummy, i would say great price for 4 at, the food's great too.