Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Apartment, The Curve

burfday dinner with jimuis was at The Apartment, The Curve..

heard lots of not so good reviews about it bout we still decide to go ahead and give it a try..

at first dinner was set at 8pm but then everyone was late and we started dinner at 9pm..( my fault coz apple left the office late..)

estee message me telling me that she wouldn't be able to make it coz she will finish work very late but will ask eric to stop by and pass me a burfday when i arrive at about 8.30 i gave eric a call and waited for him in front of The Apartment, and when i saw him, estee came from behind..she was the present...I WAS SURPRISE ! was reli feeling so hapy coz estee manage to make it to the dinner.

a simple introduction about "The Apartment" - the whole restaurant is renovated like an apartment.They have bedroom area, kitchen area, dining hall area, study room area and even bathroom.

we sat at the bathroom area.

ice lemon tea ~ price at rm6.50

watermelon juice ~ price at rm6.50

lemonade ~ price at rm6.50

"roasted stuff chicken" served with crispy herb bread topped with mushroom cream sauce and baked potatoes and tomatoes ~ price at rm26.90. i like the crispy herb bread. the chicken tasted normal.

apartment sauce mussels(honey,lime,chilli & ginger) ~ price at rm12.90 ( u can opt for clams if u dont so like mussels ) The mussels are very fresh. They are a variety of sauce for u to choose from.

"baked fish"-baked dory topped with cherry tomatoes ith gratin of mozarella and parmesan with saute potatoes ~ price at rm19.90. I think the mozarella and parmesan is a bit too much that is covers up the taste of the fish.

"stuffed squid" -stuffed squids with shallots, mint, parsley, and parmesan in tomato white wine sauce ~ price at rm16.90. this dish has all the jimuis votes.squid was very fresh and the sauce goes very well with the freshly toasted bread. THUMBS UP !!

"jamie's duck pasta" - fettuccine with shredded slow-roasted duck and tomoto red wine ragu,topped with roasted pine nuts ~ price at rm23.90.

"andrews pasta" -sauteed potatoes and asparagus tossed with linguine and pesto ~ price at rm14.90.another dish that has all the jimuis votes..YUMMY !!

"strawberry mint parfait" - perfectly layered parfait of fresh strawberries, finger sponge and minted cream ~ price at rm8.90. i only love the strawberries.....

"crunchy walnut crepes" - richly texture crepe with brown sugar and crushed walnut smooth in an avalanche of sweet caramel sauce ~ price at rm6.90.

my 2 burfday cupcakes that Joyce bought for me! i know she took the effort to walk to the newly open cupcake shop and bought it.Thank u !! i love the cupcakes so much.on the left is chocolate vanilla and on the left is cheese with chocolate ) Both also very very tasty !

and lastly some pics that i wan to share with all of u.


I had a great night. Thank u so much for taking the effort to celebrate my burfday. i know all of u took some precious time of urs to have this dinner wif me and some travelling from far to come to this dinner. i appreciate it. i knows its not the complete 7 of us(again..) but i stil had lots of fun. Thank u for making me so hapy and so touched.Thank u for all the surprises ! i simply love u all !!



★~gEnShIoLeS~★ said...

what a cool restaurant... but y dun have the environment pics??? haha... Jus curious to look for the interior design...

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