Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ichiban Boshi, Pavillion

Its my burfday today (15th Feb) n i really had a great day, a real great day with surprises and eating.
Thanks to my colleagues n jimuis who made my day a memorable one...
Thanks to my colleagues for the great lunch and the cake.
Thanks to my jimuis for the surprise...i so-the-tak-sampai-hati to eat the chocolates.
Thanks for all the wishes, SMSes and emails and messages...

early morning, breakfast at the makan COO's treat... ( will upload pic of my cup of milo kosong later..) colleagues treat..THANK U SO MUCH !! I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH !! Thank u for treating me to a very nice lunch..i just adore all of u !!

they decided to bring me to Pavillion for japanese food and our destination was Ichiban Boshi.

my first time here. ( sorry..i don't have the names of all the food as i dont have the receipt with me)

total, 8 of us..7 of us had a cup of hot green tea except for COO..he had cold green tea

"sashimi mori oki" ( for 3 to 4 pax) ~ price at rm39.90. Very fresh sashimis !

double salmon ~ price at rm8.00

soft shell crab sushi roll ~ price at rm8.00

some of the food that my colleagues ordered but i have no idea at all wat are the names of this dishes..

my burfday cake -they made me ate such a big portion of the cake..but i m more than willing to finish it..Thank u so much..i m touched..reli...

Lastly, a group pic of me and my lovely colleagues..Thank u so much for making my day..I M SO HAPY !! THANK U SO MUCH !!

My lovely colleagues,

Besides thank u, i duno wat more to say. "Terima kasih" for making my day such a memorable one..i promise, i'll never forget i have such a bunch of lovely and crazee colleagues. The thought of helping me to celebrate means a lot to me. I m reli touched..THANK U !


Ichiban Boshi ( LG Floor)

Tel : 03-21416621

Mon - Fri : 11.30am to 10.00pm

Sat and Sun : 11.00am to 10.00pm

p/s : stay tune for my dinner with my jimuis..


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